C to the N to the A

I love my CNA class. I really do. I enjoy all the people in it. Everyone is so different, and I like that. So many thoughts are shared and views, and it's great to hear about how other people think. It's defnitely not a simple minded class. We somehow have deep discussions every day. My teacher kind of amazes me. She is someone I see as a very non judgmental person. She said on the first day of class she has a deep respect for everyone. How cool is that? More people should be like that. I think a lot of people are very quick to judge others; especially around here. It bothers me so badly.
Seven hours a day is long, but I really don't hate it. It's super nice to be doing something for a change, and meeting brand new people.
Say hello to my little friends...

Once again, Ashlee is taking vital signs. Good thing I remember how to do that from EMS class. I have to pass them off in class really soon. I just don't want to mess up so I'm waiting till the very last second. Wish me luck! I'm working hard, and I'm going to pass! Well I hope... er... I mean... optomism. I WILL pass.
Oh yeah, if you haven't noticed I've been wearing my glasses lately. Ha. Guess I decided I really want to see. I didn't really know how much I was missing out on either. I am super blind. It's sad. Maybe one day I'll like contacts. Then again, they dry out my eyes more than anything. Urgh. Eye doctor; soon. 


kristen said...

I love glasses. &you look good in them. Good luck!

kristen said...
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