I've got the sniffles

Well I was right about the whole "feeling a sickness coming on" thing. My nose is plugged, my head is aching, my body is frigid, the cough is awful, and lets not forget to mention the ear ache from hades. I had to miss church today, and was truly upset. Fast sunday is by far the best sunday, in the singles ward. There is always some hilarious people bearing their testimony, and not to mention those who know how to bring the spirit in. Peace, and laughter, are two of my favorite things. Now I have to wait till next month, but oh well, it will be worth the wait. Plus I recieved some rather good news about a certain someone in our ward. He's just cute that's all. I plan to act on that... someday.
Anyway, I've realized there are a few things to help me feel better.
-buying new music that I've really been wanting.
-eating Ben &Jerry's
-renting classic movies and curling up on the couch with a soft blanket
-soft tissues

When you feel under the weather what brings you comfort?
comments are much obliged.

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caihay said...

catching up on tivoed shows.