I think I'll go to Boston...

Failed to mention that next summer, I actually will, most likely, have a life.
Why you may ask? Well relax in your chair, and get comfortable, because I have got a story for you!
(It's late so ignore my bad humor)
There's a lady I know, and her daughter is good friends with the lil sis. They dance together, but thats beside the point. Well she happens to have a brother who is paralyzed from the neck down, due to a car accident. He requires round the clock care. Every year, his parents hire someone to go and live in Boston Massachusetts with them for a whole year. The job is to take care of the man, and they pay for everything. Food, housing, Redsox games, you name it. The only thing you have to pay for is your car. Not to mention... They pay you 30,000 a year.
If you haven't already gathered this... I was offered the job. This would be an amazing opportunity, especially for someone like me who wants to go into the medical field. I would be taught so many things, on how to take care of this man, and I would come home with a pretty nice pay check. Not only that, but I can imagine it would be a truly humbling experience. How could it not be?
The family is my same religion, so it wouldn't be a problem for me to go to church or anything. I was told to pray about this, and I have. I have been praying about it a lot, and I just keep getting good feelings. I know it would be hard to leave home for a whole year to somewhere unfamiliar, and with people I don't know, but it would be so rewarding. Also, it would prepare me for if I ever decide to go on a mission myself.
Consider this a humanitarian mission. I'm really liking the sound of it. Obviously I have a lot of time to mull this over, and I'm going to continue to keep praying, but as of right now I'm highly considering it.
What do you think?


-Kait- said...

is his name reed? because I think I've heard about this.
you should do it. it would be an AMAZING opportunity. Plus, living on your own in boston none the less would be unforgettable.

Batash said...

Yes yes that's him. My moms good friends with Raylene or however you spell it.

Lindsey said...

That is amazing. If you go, send me picture of fenway park.

Batash said...

You have a deal.