I probably should write huh?

My blog was looking lonely, as I'm sure it is. I've failed miserably when it comes to blogging these days. Just little snippets here and there. That's ending.
My life is now completely boring thanks to school, and I'm not even attending it. After much prayer and very unhelpful people at UVU, I have decided to wait a semester to go to school. I'm going to be working on my CNA and EMT, in the meanwhile. Of course that's not for a time. So here I am. Sitting, at 1 am.
I am missing those of you still in high school. Well some of you. Can't say I miss all of you. But if I blog stalk you, then you know I miss you. What am I to do during the day while you are at school? Obviously not read your new blog posts.  (I really hope you find it creepy that I stalk your blogs that frequently. I hope you know thats out of love. -also creepy.)
Those of my friends attending college. I also miss you. Truly deeply. Especially those of you who have gone away. You better be visiting me soon.
Those of my friends who actually have jobs to busy there life with. I envy you, and I miss you too, but we do see each other frequently. Which is very good. Otherwise, I don't know what I'd do.
Okay so you may be reading my blog and thinking, "She's not going to school, she doesn't have a job... so what does she do?" right? Well that's a good question. A lot of reading, a lot of writing (which involves blogging), and a whole lot of nothing.
I'm a loser baby, so why don'tcha kill me?
Somebody give me a job. Please.

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