What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas (the post)

I have a lot to blog. I'm sorry to have put it off, but the time has come, it must be done. First I shall start off with the Vegas post.
Gotta love spontaneity right? That's exactly what this trip was. Spontaneous. My mother and I were sitting on the couch stressing about everything going on in our crazy lives, and out of no where she proclaimed, "I need a vacation," To which I concurred, "Me too." "Let's go then!" She said excitedly. Now it meant business. She wasn't kidding around. I was altogether shocked as to how quickly we decided to go on this venture. My mom is not one to be spontaneous, she really dislikes it. So I was surprised to say the least. Two days later, we were off, driving to Vegas. We had originally planned before the start of summer to go to Vegas, so we could attend a showing of 'Lets Make a Deal.' It's one of our favorite tv shows, and well you have to love Wayne Brady.
We attempted to get tickets to a showing, only to realize the show had moved to LA recently. This was very dissapointing, but we decided to get tickets to a bunch of different shows.

First we went to 'Le Reve' (the dream). Our first Cirque du soleil show. It was quite amazing. We had front row seats also known as "The splash zone" we were unaware the stage was almost entirely water. That's ok, I wouldn't have wanted any other seats. In fact,  a man in the show kept making crazy eyes at me, during the performance, and smiling. At the very end of the show he tossed me a flower. I was very happy.

The second show, is my all time favorite show, Phantom. I'm in love with this musical, have been for a very long time. Ever since the first time I saw it, I was smitten. I would marry the Phantom if I could, probably. In Vegas the stage for Phantom was made just for the show; It's quite amazing. My only complaint was we were kind of far away, and I didn't have my wretched glasses, so I could only make out the people to be blobs, other than that it was fantastic.

The third was another Cirque show called 'Mystere.' It was very interesting. A lot of strange things went on in that show, but it was quite amazing the stunts they preformed. I was in awe.
We did so much more, than I can possibly write on this blog, for it will take a very long time. But let me sum up. We walked the entire length of the strip searching for the Hard Rock Cafe, which was on the opposite end, from where our hotel was. We had aching feet and sore legs. We met Michael Jackson. No, for real.
We shopped, went to M&M world, the coca cola store, the two story high Ross, and Fashion Show mall. We went on CSI and solved a murder. We went through the Titanic, and Bodies exhibits. Both of which were fascinating. We saw real lions at the MGM. We almost had a dessert that contained champagne ( thank goodness my mother made sure before I started to devour it) I was hit on by more men than I can count. One just getting down to business, got in kissing distance of my face and said "Yo sexy can I have yo numba?" To which I replied, "No thanks."
We rode all of the Stratosphere rides. Scariest thing of my entire life by far.
All in all, it was a very good trip. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Although it was a bit of a culture shock. I have been out of Utah many times, even been to Vegas once before, but never on the strip that long. I was shocked at all the filth and garbage there was (and no I do not just mean the garbage that goes in garbage cans, although there was a lot of that too.) Everywhere you looked you could see nudity. On the ground in the newspapers, on signs. I kept my eyes to the buildings, and ended up with a very sore neck. It amazes me how people think that this is the way you should live. Getting so drunk you nearly fall in to oncoming traffic. Smoking till your lungs are black. Going to strip clubs and nudey bars. I couldn't believe it. I wish all the people there new of the truth that I know. I wish they knew how the gospel could change their lives, for the better. I wish I could help them all.
Anyway, that's my trip for you. I will miss the palm tree's the heat, and the beautiful sunsets. I will also miss the city lights.

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-Kait- said...

I KNEW MJ didn't really die!
so glad you had a fantastic trip Ashlee