How the time passed away

All the trouble that we gave

And all those day we spent out by the lake

Has it all gone to waste?

All the promises we made

One by one they vanished just the same

All the things I still remember

Summers never looked the same

Years go by and time just seems to fly

But the memories remain

Now it all seems so clear

There's nothing left to fear

So we made our way by finding what was real

Now the days are so long

That summer's moving on

Reach for something that's already gone

We knew we had to leave this town

But we never knew when and we never knew how

It's clear, I don't handle change well. I'm not ready for everyone to be leaving. School, missions. I don't know how I'll do it. I'm definitely going to have to rely on the Lord a lot these coming months, and I'm going to have to meet lots of new people. Other wise... I'm going to be alone. I'm keeping my chin up. Goodbye everyone. I love you all, and I am proud of the things you are doing in your life. I hope our parting won't be for too long.

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