For the sole purpose of making fun of oneself

Back in the hormone torture chamber, also known as junior high, I was quite concerned with my image. As I look back now I realize, after taking billions of pictures of myself, that the image I was so concerned with was worsened by the pictures I took and "edited." I also find myself laughing that some girls my age do this still.
I give you permission to laugh and also make fun of myself in these pictures. I sure did.


Diana said...

i so hope that the 4th picture down was taken in the shower.
you were a hottie.
still are.

Batash said...

Oh, Believe me it was. It was my main location for picture taking haha.

Sadie said...

hahaha ashlee I love you!

and i'm so glad to see that our picture from lagoon is to the left :)

<<<<<<<<<<<<< <3