A Sense Of Accomplishment

5:45 am. Status: Awake; Prepared for one of the most insane endevours of my life. Father, mother, aunt, and sister piled into a car on our way to run. Run a 5k that is. This was a new experience for me since I never had before run a race. Sure, I go on runs quite often, but this was much much different. When we arrived we collected a brown paper bag with our names on the front. Inside was a bright red shirt with blue lettering, and a medal. I don't mind getting a t shirt, and in the spirit of the race I decide to wear it as I run. I was feeling great, until we began to line up at the starting line. Those lovely butterflies you experience on rare occassions like going on roller coaster rides, trying out for something, or being near a cute boy, set place in my stomach. I shoved my way to the front of the pack, hoping to get a slight advantage. The blow horn sounded and we were off. I watched people pass me, I watched people fall behind, the longer the race went on the less I cared. All I wanted was to run the whole time. That was as good as winning to me. As the race went on and I felt like I was going to fall over and die, I noticed a tall in shape lady keeping pace with me. I noticed I was the person to beat for her. That was not happening. I had to beat her. We started heading to the end and she got in front of me. Oh no. I started to accept defeat when I realized some unknown energy burst out within me. I sprinted the rest of the race to the finish line. My muscles in my legs were screaming, my stomach was begging to throw up, but I had done it. 30:45. This was my time. Maybe not the best, but it was better than I thought. Now I'm motivated, and I want to run more. My goal time? 26 minutes. I can do it.

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