Mischief Managed

A night full of Harry Potter tends to make you think. Watching Harry Potter with friends would be a lot better. Alas, this was not my night. I spent it curled up on my couch, falling asleep and waking every so often to a magic filled world on my TV screen. If I had been with friends I would have solemnly swore I was up to no good, and played with my wand. Maybe waving it at cars. You know, the usual. I would have brewed up some butter beer, and I would buy a love potion to use for silly purposes. I would have used my invisibility cloak to scare people snogging. I would have gave voldemort a piece of my mind. I would have had a slumber party in the shrieking shack. I would have a dance party with dobby. I would have a duel with Bellatrix. I would have a heart to heart with Luna Lovegood. I would have professor Trelawny read my tea leaves. I would have stolen a Basalisk tooth and hung it around my neck. And maybe to end the evening I would have played a bit of wizards chess.
Sigh. What a wonderful night it could have been.
I'm alone in my Harry Potter fantasy. Next week, I better have friends to join me.

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