My life is like the Twilight Zone sometimes.

Sometimes weird nights just happen.
Mine consisted of:
-hanging out with a friend who had abandoned us for others.
-finding out girls hate me for hanging out with said friend. I find that pathetic and immature since I really have nothing against them.
Side note: I am against the female species. Diana, Kyleigh, and a few others are the only acceptions. I can't take any one elses estrogen and jealousy.
-my friends saying awkward things in front of ex boyfriends like: that's what he did when he broke up with you.
-My girl and her recent ex boyfriend hanging out for the first night in months. It was a failed attempt.
-Playing ghost in the grave yard at my old elementary school and rolling around/crawling in the grass to hide from the ghost.
-Playing duck duck goose. Another fail.
-Listening to boys have their "girl talk."
- Being apart of that "girl talk"
-Getting on facebook and having some guy say they are in love with you, and add a jk twenty times.
By definition this night was awkard and made me feel all sorts of uncomfortable. Ex boyfriends are awkward. Basically. And to the girls who hate people for no reason, please were out of high school. It's time to grow up and move on. I really don't get why people can't just like others.
Didn't Christ say love one another? More people need to live up to that.
Now, it's one in the morning and I am rambling, so it's off to bed for me.

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