I feel my Saviors love

Another Sunday. Another Sunday of breaking a piece of Tapioca bread, placing it nicely in a plastic bag, and sealing it. Another Sunday of taking that bread and handing it to the priesthood holders in my ward, awkwardly. Another Sunday of twiddling my thumbs nervously awaiting the sacrament. Then the sacrament comes. At the same time as the bishop I recieve the bread before the others. They look at me strangely. I close my eyes and focus on this special, and sacred ceremony. I remember the reason why I take it. I recall Christ dying on the cross, suffering my sins, my pains, all for my sake. I'm touched deeply and moved by the spirit. I hide the tears that are forcing their way out of my eyes. The sacrament has become one of the most important things to me. When I take it I feel my Saviors love. I know that he has suffered what I am going through and that he is there to help me and take care of me. My heart fills with such joy thinking about it. Even if the sacrament is embarrassing at times for me, I know of it's importance. Others have gone through similar embarrassments, standing up for what they believe in. Take Joseph Smith for example, he always stood up for what he believed in, and he was mocked and persecuted. My situation is definitely not as intense, but this is my way of standing for what I believe in. It would be so much easier for me to not take the sacrament, but the sacrament means so much to me. The weeks I go without, I feel a huge difference in my life, one that is not good. When I take the sacrament my week goes a lot smoother, and I feel the Spirit with me throughout the week.
I hope everyone realizes how important the sacrament is and why we take it every sunday. It is not a ritual, it is not just simply eating bread, and drinking water. It is our Saviors love. It is his infinite love he has for us. The love that pushed him to die on the cross for us. So when you take the sacrament next Sunday, take the time to think about it. Don't let your mind wander to silly things. Remember the Savior and the sacrifice he made for you.


beka said...

Ash you are so sweet! Thanks so much for your testimony yesterday! you are a great example to me.

shweedaburger said...

Aw thanks Beka! And you are the example to me! You shine with the light of Christ all the time, and are such a sweet girl! I hope I can be like you one day :)

Canesa said...

You have such a sweet and tender spirit Ash! Thank you for sharing your testimony about taking the sacrament on your blog, your words toched my heart. I love you and I am proud of the way are you accepting and enduring this trial in your life. You truly are an inspiration!