Little Quirky Things

-I won't deny that I was absolutely giddy with joy when I found a new comment on my blog. It is much like Christmas to me.
-There is a strange happiness that comes to me when I am told, "atta girl."
-I love being called ash. Pretty sure thats been mentioned here before.
-When the male species calls us girls daughters of God, I about fall over, and want to marry him.
-I automatically think all missionaries are cute. All of them. When I see them, I scream. No big.
-When two of my guy friends admit to stalking my house one time, it pretty much made my whole day.
-When Diana and I stalk every single one of our friends we can possibly think of because we honestly have nothing better to do... it makes for a great night.
-Diana when you call me ashlee baby I know we were meant to be friends.
-Single Ladies night (founded by yours truly and D-Dawg) should be a national holiday.
-I'm only in love with Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and many other fictional characters.

I may be a really strange really quirky really weird girl. But I'm proud to say I own it.


beka said...

ok I officially love you. whenever anyone comments on my blog i basically die of happiness. i am IN LOVE with peter pan! and i also stalk people ha ha. you are awesome!

meg. said...

oh i love missionaries too.