Some things that I truly enjoy
-my friends and I bein twinners and reading each others thoughts.
-being called ash, I've always wondered why this makes me so happy. Maybe it was my obsession with pokemon as a youngin.
-watching medical shows
-Finding something gluten free that actually tastes good
-watching action packed movies, namely with Tom Cruise in them. What?
-Saying what?
-Bed time stories not the movie, actual bed time stories
-Finding new blogs to stalk. Who knew there were more of you? Apparently everyone but me.
-Adorable babies that look like this:

And that is just to name a few...

Things that make me squirm:
-blogs that make me want to throw up on their cuteness. Bleh.
-Couples and their snogging
-the smell of beer
-knuckles being popped
-ex boyfrans with their new girlfrans- may i add an extra dose of bleh?
-The ladies who wear bikinis who just... should not wear bikinis. Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

wooow. you really are in my head. i was seriously going to write about women who wear bikinis. and shouldn't. no joke. we have the same brain. i'm sure of it.

shweedaburger said...

I think so, that is why it is on my list of likes. We MUST have the same brain.

Anonymous said...

because that's what best friends do. have the same brain. probably

shweedaburger said...

I would like to add probably to my list of words i really like saying after a sentance. haha.