My release

Dear blog,
I realize it has taken me a while to write in you. To that I am truly sorry. I keep starting posts, and then deleting them. What do I have to say to the world that people are actually going to read? Tell them about my day? My week? Seems utterly pointless to me. I highly doubt any one cares very much about what I've done, and besides, isn't that what everyone writes about? I would love to write something that makes people listen, makes people think, ponder, realize. Yet, I am just one girl, one who is at times quiet, who most people don't see or hear. I have to wonder how I am possibly going to make a difference in this world. Leave my mark in some small way. A secret act of service? Maybe. Making a new friend? Perhaps. Those all seem so small, and it leaves me to wonder can that really make a difference? I believe it can. Even if no one reads you, I hope you know writing in you is my release some times. Some times it just feels good to write, even if it's not important or if people don't care. Sure, everyone seems to share my same hobbies now a days. Photography, writing, reading, music, and at times it really gets on my nerves. Although it shouldn't, I do not own them, they are free to the world, for everyone to express how they feel. That thought doesn't bother me, as long as people realize their importance, and don't abuse it. I realize though, that my ideas are something no one else has, my thoughts, my dreams, my goals, they are all mine. Even if people may have some similarities they will never be the same. That is a thought I like to cling on to. Want to be original? Do something for the world! Don't sit around complaining everyone is stealing your ideas. Instead put your good ideas to use, go out help someone else. In this world not many people seem to bother to do that anymore. A small act can go a long way, and I think that is as original as you can get. No one in the world can speak to someone like you do, or help them in the way that only you can.
Ah, now I'm rambling. It is interesting how I can start a blog with one intention and then writing down something completely different.
I'd like to thank you blog, for letting me be able to express what I want. People can judge what I say, what I write, but that doesn't mean it will bother me. They are my thoughts, my ideas, my dreams, and nothing anyone can say or do will change that.
Caio, Ashlee

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