I'm pretty sure Legally Blonde has the best movie lines ever... Just to say a few.

"Exercise gives you endorfins; endorfins make you happy; and happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't."

"Don't-eh stomp your little last season prada shoes at me, honey."

"Chuck wait!"

"Aw how cute theres like a little judge and everything, ooh jury people, vote for Elle!"

"It has come to my attention that the maintenance staff has changed our toilet paper from Charmin, to generic. All those opposed to chaffing please say aye!"

"And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed."

" Oh, sweetheart, you don't need law school. Law school is for people who are boring and ugly and serious. And you, button, are none of those things. "

"This is what i need to become.' 'What practically deformed?' 'No, a law student.'"

"Oh my gosh, the bend and snap, works every time."
I love my childhood movies...


beka said...

oh my gosh i LOVE this movie! I seriously need to watch it again!

shweedaburger said...

Haha me too I was watching it while cleaning my room. Which was a very good idea. hahah.

cai.hay said...

"I can't believe you just called me a butthead. no one's call me a butthead since like the 9th grade. Maybe not to your face." One of my favorite lines. I quote it constantly. Also, I love legally blonde.

shweedaburger said...

Thats a great one at well. That movie is a gem.