So long high school you wretched place

I'm coming to realize a lot of things I won't miss about high school. My biggest aggitation lately is that the majority of high school students find it cool to hurt other people. Make fun, talk behind one anothers backs, you get the jist. You hear it all the time. I think everyone is guilty at following prone to it once in a while, but where exactly does that get you? Does it make you any better than someone because maybe you're skinnier? You're taller? You're shorter? You're whiter? You're tanner? Please tell me why any of this nonsence matters? Does it make people feel better to bring others down? I can assure you when you bring others down you are most likely lower than they ever will be. Everyone is a child of God. A prince or princess of our father in heaven. Who are you to judge them by their appearance? By the way they talk? The way they dress? Who they hang out with?
It makes me sick in my gut thinking of all this wickedness I see and hear everyday. One of my best friends is the common cause of ridicule. When I hear it I have half a nerve to punch whoever said anything in the face. No one knows what another person is going through. You don't know their trials, their triumphs, or their failures. So before you go and talk about someone else take a step back and spend a day in their shoes. I'm positive you will change your mind.
I have had people say mean things about me. Make fun of me, make me feel inferior, but you know what? I know that those people, they don't matter. I'm not going to be worrying about them when I have a family. When I'm growing old with my husband, raising children, holding a job. Who are these teenagers to decide who's cool and who's not? Who are you not to be cool everyone is equal in God's eyes. I think everyone should try looking through them someday, and tell me what you see. Look at someone on the inside instead of the outward appearance. Get to know somebody you usually wouldn't talk to. Make a new friend. I promise everyone's lives will be better if they do this.

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beka said...

what a great attitude to have Ashlee! If everyone realized that we are all children of God the world would be a much happier place!