It's time for the prom post, and other various parts of my weekend

Viola! It is here! The prom post. I hope the few of you that read my blog are giddy with excitement. Lets start at the beginning shall we?
I was asked in quite a strange way. Lettuce all over my front porch, and hangers hung around every nook and bend in the area. All from the one and only Jon Boyer. Knowing him, the way he asked wasn't surprising in the least.
The deed was done. Ashlee was finally asked to prom. Senior prom. I wanted to pull a high school musical and sing 'Night to Remember'. No need to worry I played it as I was getting ready for the dance.

Fast forward to the night before prom.

I believe prom is a vain time for us girls. We have to look emmaculate. Well, I sure wanted to. I have never wanted to get dolled up for anything more in my entire life. It's a crime I think, but I wanted to look as close to the best I could as possible. So to hide my nasty habit of biting my nails, and my chipped neon pink polish, I got my nails done.
Nothing is like getting them done with friends.
Or the little chinese ladies who get angry if you even twitch while they are doing your nails.
Now, I will admit I lied in one of my posts... I believe I mentioned I was boycotting Morp due to the fact I was disapointed twice in a row. Well, I gave in and tried again. I didn't ask anyone from our school that way I won't have a problem.
I think you get the jist. The sign reads as follows.
"I got so excited to ask you to morp I pea'd all over your front porch, but I would be fortunate if you still went to the dance with me."
I then put my name into the fortune cookies for said boy to find. No I don't take credit for this idea. It was all Sam's doing.

Sometimes people do nice things for me, and it makes my whole day. Huh, people do care!
I even got new turkey friends. We are all different races. Go us.

That ended the night.
The next day was prom.

The day date
PPT. My father I think was nervous. It was the first time he had to sign a waver for me to go on a date.
Progressive power tumbling baby. Need I say more?

That about covers it.
Now the time is right to transform into the princess my tom-boyish self has always secretely wanted to be.
Hair is done.
Picture time
Oh, no he is here. Better get inside quick!
Snap on corsage? Check that off my list.

Now on to dinner.
Dinner may have been the best meal I have ever had in my life. We went to a lovely place up SLC canyon called Log Haven. Valet parking, gargantuan tree's outside, snow started falling beautifully out the windows like it was planned. Don't worry the meal only cost 120$ together! Yeah I about died. But I must say it was worth it. Every little bit of it.
Shirley temple anyone?

Showing off my cherry tying skillz

First Corse. Delightful halibut.

Entree. And might I add. Heaven in food form. First time I have ever had bison. I don't want it to be my last.

The shirley temple matched my dress:)

Now on to the dance
Wait... STOP! Pictures first ;)
All the girls in the group.
Now we can go to the dance

                                  Look at how beautiful my friends are. Yeah thats what I thought.

All and all it was quite fun.
After dance
Though I have no pics it was full of fun filled kareoke including High school musical. Not to mention I sang with the lead male (Michael Sterling) in Les Mis. Duet style. Who needed Les Mis try outs? High School musical, bomb.

That concludes my weekend. Hope you enjoyed it:)

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