Theres this thing called photography

So I must admit... I've fallen in  love with photography, again. This happens every single time I happen to take a picture where I think to myself, hey thats not too shabby. I love this beautiful form of art. I agree with the saying a photo is worth a thousand words, because it really is. There is so much you can interpret in one photograph. It's much like poetry, really. It's brilliancy to capture a certain image that  takes hold of the person viewing it and tugs at their heart strings like a violinist. I think after taking my photo class I have learned some very important and helpful things about photography, and it's really helped me to become better.
I've always loved photography. Ever since I was little I was always the one wanting to take the pictures. I don't take pictures as a fad, or just because I have a camera. Yes, it does seem like now-a-days everyone with a camera is a photographer. I say if you love it, power to ya. This world is ignorant, because people "steal" hobbies. I'd like to point out that unless you were the person who invented photography it was never YOUR hobby to begin with. It belongs to anyone with the will to try, and I think everyone should be able to have that chance without being frowned upon. There are some people, like myself, who aren't very good at other forms of art. For example i cannot paint. I am not creative when it comes to drawing. I like it, and i think it's beautiful, but it is no where in my book of talents. On the other hand, I can write. I always have been able to manipulate words, to speak to people. I absolutely love it, and yes, that is art. Also with music, i really try to give that my all. And again music is an art.
So here is my go at photography, which I absolutely love. Take it or leave it, this is my hobby.

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