Awkward and Awesome Hunger Games

Last night Orange and I ventured to the Hunger Games a long with the rest of.... everyone. There were some strange goings on early this morn, and I'd like to tell ya a bit about them.

Awkward: We got tickets the day of, so you can imagine our seats were real great.
Awesome: My man was the one who surprised me with the tickets. He knew I was sad that we weren't going so he found the best tickets he could (third row wooowee) and took me.
Awkward: The Jr. High girls next to me. They squealed throughout the previews and most of the movie. They also obnoxiously made fun of poor Peeta. Cut the kid a break, he has a great smile.
Awesome: The fact that they made arm rests move so that I can have cuddle time with the hubby during the intense scenes.
Awkward: I literally jumped and practically pee'd my pants when the dog/bear thing came out of the woods. Maybe it was because I was tired, but I haven't jumped out of my skin like that in a movie in who knows how long.
Awesome: Haymitch? Definitely won character of the night for me in all honesty. He was so perfect, and very well acted.
Awkward: The Jr. High girl next to me had a real bad case of B.O. and every time she would lift her arm I would get a nice waft of it right in my face. I had to bury my head in Orange's shirt about every five minutes.
Awesome: The movie in and of itself was pretty dang awesome.
Awkward: Katniss was great, but am I the only one who noticed her neck is strangely long? Like a swan or something? It bugged me the whole movie. 
Awesome: I'm still team Peeta, and always will be. Though Gale may have been better looking in the movie, he is a crap actor and I thought Peeta did way better, and also not to mention once again, he has a real cute smile.

Did you see the movie? What did you like about it? Not like about it? Tell me.

Also I posted my Hunger Games photo shoot on the photo blog. Check it out.

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