Little Red

Once upon a time, Ashlee had never been anything but blonde her whole life. Sure, she'd put streaks in and chopped her hair before but never a full on different color.
She decided she really wanted to just try something new. She's really white so she didn't think dying it really dark brown would be an option. She has kind of a woman crush on Emma Stone and loved her hair color. Since Ms. Stone was naturally blonde when she went red, Ashlee figured she could probably pull it off too. So she decided to try it. Without telling anyone aside from her mom and two friends she called one of her best friends (who happens to be a hairstylist) and she got her right in.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture but Ashlee was extremely nervous and kinda felt a little like throwing up. She told her friend if she didn't just do it she would talk herself out of it. Her friend, super excited to be doing this, got straight to work. 

Ashlee pretty much had a panic attack during the whole process. When she finally saw her hair she wasn't really sure what to think. She liked it but it was so different, and what would everyone say? She really felt super sick. 

 (she really hates both of these photos with a passion)

She really wanted to surprise her husband so she threw him off, and made sure he had no idea what she had done. He wouldn't be getting home until six, therefor she waited for 3 hours for her husband to come home, extremely nervous for his reaction. She wasn't worried he wouldn't like it. Her husband had already told her a million times he loved red heads, but still the excitement was almost too much for her to handle.
While she was waiting she seriously wanted to just call her friend and tell her she needed to fix it right that instant, but she held off. 
When her husband got home he really loved it, and probably wouldn't stop kissing her. It made her feel really good. He immediately wanted to show her off to the world, dragging her to her parents house. They didn't say they hated it, in fact they said they liked it. Her 9 year old brother kept telling her how awesome her hair was. She felt pretty cool. She is still a bit nervous for everyone's reactions but she's starting to realize that other peoples opinions don't really matter. If she felt good about herself then that is all that matters. 

She is really starting to dig it after getting all of the dye off of her face. She may not keep it forever but it's new and exciting and she is really proud of herself for being so brave to try something new.

So there is your surprise. Voila!


steph said...

so cute!! i love love love it!!!

Jake & Jenessa said...

Okay, so i thought the surprise was your prego. darn it! But... I love it. I think it goes great with your skin. I love the way you have it styled. Its sleek and fun! Way to have to balls to do it! I need to see it in person! say lunch?

Batash said...

Thanks both of you! Ness Haha I kinda made it seem like I was gonna be prego huh? But alas I am not... Maybe in a little while?? But yes let's definitely do lunch!

Kelsey said...

it looks fantastic!
definitely a fan of your ginger locks.

Mel said...

You are so brave to make such a big change! It turned out great though, I like it a lot in the pictures where you curled it under. Darling!

D-Lish said...

Wow!!! You look so so pretty! I love it Ash:)

Batash said...

Thanks so much you three!:)