V-day the Orange told me he had play rehearsal all night, but he really lied and surprised me and took me to spaghetti factory (one of my favorites.) He then also surprised me with tickets to The Vow. A movie neither of us liked, or could barely stand to sit through because it made us both sad. I can't even imagine what that would be like, nor do I want to. Needless to say, it sorta put a damper on our valentines day mood.
The next day I came home to this sweet friend.

He's named Bean-Dip according to Oran. He serves as a great cuddle buddy when Orange is off to work in the morning.
Since we ended the V-day night not too happy from that gosh dang movie, we've been making up for it every day since. Leaving little notes here and there, little gifts around the house. It's the small things that count people. 
My gift to Orange (minus a few things.)

 My V-Day Hair

Ready for a night out with my man.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and that you're immensely happy.

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