Where are you Christmas?

It seems like Christmas came as quickly as it went this year. In fact that's entirely how this whole year has felt. I can't believe my hubby and I will have been married a whole year in May.
Anyhow, we a lovely first married Christmas together. On Christmas eve we went to my grandma Schroeppels for breakfast with the entire family. We usually have it on Christmas day, but because everyone had church this year my grandma changed it to Christmas eve. It was so much fun visiting with family, and eating a yummy breakfast. It definitely helped get me into the Christmas spirit. I also went and saw my hubby's last play for the fifth and final time. To be honest I never got sick of watching him up on stage. Though it was hard having him gone so often, it was worth getting to see him use his wonderful talent. I'm excited to see him in more plays. After the play we went to my parents house for a fun white elephant gift exchange, christmas jammies (which are a tradition), eating good food, and watching a Christmas Story.
My husband did so good with pj's this year. It was so cute how excited he was that he got me two pairs of pajamas, but not only that he found them in different departments and made sure they were they same colors so I could mix and match them. I absolutely love getting pajamas on Christmas Eve, it's one of my favorite traditions, and I'm so glad my hubby did such a good job.

Christmas day was so fun in our little apartment opening presents together.  I was a little sad, however, I didn't get to see my siblings reactions this year to getting their Santa presents. That's always so much fun. But I didn't mind it just being Oran, and I cuddled up, and opening gifts. 
Although I think we both did a fantastic job this year, with the gifts we gave each other, Oran definitely did a lot better than me at the stocking. 

(obviously I love fuzzy socks, and he got me three pair!)
(Some of my husbands stocking.)

My husband being the biggest supporter of me, and my dreams, made my Christmas revolve around my photography. He got me a beautiful camera bag, tripod, and cleaning kit. It's definitely a step up from the lunch box I'd been carrying my camera bag in. 

I was a little proud of myself, though, because I felt I did very well on Oran's big present. 
Ever since our bowling league, he has had a passion for bowling, and even ended our season as one of the top bowlers. I felt he deserved his own ball, complete with bag, and bowling shoes. 

 Not to mention that bowling ball is my husbands favorite colors. I know I rocked his bowling world. 

After we opened gifts we got ready and went to church. I don't think there is a better way to spend Christmas than going to church. When we got there it was practically empty. This really upset me. What do you have better to do than go to church on Christ's birthday? I mean really...
After church we headed up to Mama Bob (Oran's mom) and grandma June's for some presents and family time. It was so nice to be with these two wonderful individuals I love so much. I'm so glad I'm part of their family. They really spoiled me for Christmas too. 
We made sure to get them really cozy stuff for Christmas, because that's my favorite thing to get as a present.

I got many lovely things from Miss Nedra, but I won't bore you entirely with photos so here are just a few goodies. I got a beautiful purse, and Oran got a GPS so we don't get lost in a National Forest again... that's a laugh.

 Oh, and I was totally spoiled with Hepburn movies.

After we left Salt Lake area we headed to my parents to open some presents. I didn't take very many photos of this unfortunately, but my parents spoiled us too. One thing I was totally in complete surprise/shock about was getting a ticket to Wicked this summer. I'm so ecstatic I can't stand it. 

My eight year old brother got Oran a blonde hair extension. I thought it was too funny, and Oran absolutely loved it. Of course... 
To finish off the night we went to my grammy's for dinner and opened some presents. Unfortunately I started to get a massive migraine, and the rest of the night was followed by a lot of pain, and napping. 
All in all we had a fabulous first married Christmas, and I'm a little sad that it's over. I'm really sad to have to take down all of my beautiful Christmas decor. My house is gonna feel a lot less empty and cheery without it all. Hopefully I can conjure up an idea to decorate for the next little while.

I hope ya'll had a very merry CHRISTmas!


Mel said...

So fun! I wish now that I would have decorated! Isn't being married the best?

Beka said...

My mom (santa) got tickets for my dad and her to see wicked this summer too! you will absolutely love it! ps. i just looked at your latest photography and you are so good at it! what a great talent to have!