Spiders. Spiders were everywhere. One was hanging down from the ceiling blocking my escape. When I swatted at it, it disappeared. Is it in my hair? I started throwing my head around frantically to rid it of any spider that might have fallen into it. I walk into my family room. There's one very large very poisonous spider coming down from the ceiling. Someone's standing by it cheering it on. I make a bunch of loud noises and swat at the air to scare off the spider. It backs off but then starts to come at me. "No no!" I scream. 
Suddenly I hear a familiar voice. "Ashlee wake up you're having a nightmare." 
I open my eyes and see my husbands sweet face. He takes me in his arms and consoles me. He cuddles me until I fall back soundly to sleep. No more nightmares. 
I've found something much better than a dream catcher. 

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