Have you the wing?

Let's see where did I leave off with my whole wedding?
Oh yes, the luncheon.
Now on to the ring ceremony:

(Geeze I had a lot goin on that day huh?)

Oran and I decided to have a ring ceremony because both of us had family members who couldn't go into the temple with us, most of which were Oran's family, but we still wanted those special people to experience something similar to a wedding.

Before the ring ceremony was about to begin we realized my dress was missing. I can't exactly recall what had happened but I know my dad had to go and get it. Once again we were running late.  When we finally got the dress we hurried in, and I was primped and prodded. As you can tell in these photographs...

My mom and sister made this ring pillow. I absolutely loved it, we wouldn't have been able to find anything as perfect as this pillow for my wedding.

We had my handsome little brother be the ring bearer. He was so cute.

 Since we had a ring ceremony, I was able to have my daddy walk me down the aisle.
 I loved that parasol.

We had my home ward bishop, who I hardly knew because he had just been called in, conduct the ceremony and he did a fabulous job. I was very glad we lucked out with a good bishop. This was his very first go round as bishop, and I was shocked because he did such a great job.

Hugs all around!

Oran and Grandma June bug. Just love her.

Off to the reception...

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