I have two very real fears while driving.
First: Having a rock crack my windshield 
Second: Having a tire blow out on the freeway.
(obviously accidents are a real fear, but they've already happened to me before, the latter had not, hence my fear of the unknown.)

As of today I have had both happen to me.
As I was happily driving to work on the freeway (ok, maybe not so happily, but I was indeed driving,) my car suddenly started rocking back and forth and making very loud noises. I was scared, obviously something was wrong, and I could barely control my car. I somehow managed to jump across 3 lanes and stop just before I was about to run into a cement barrier. (I was terrified) 
I opened my car door, and looked back. My entire tire was blown.
I froze.
I don't have a jack, or any tools for that matter to change my tire. My hubby was at work in Salt Lake so it would do no good for me to get him down here. I grabbed my phone, and saw my mom had text me. I immediately called her sobbing. She then told me to calm down and call my dad since I was right next to his work. He told me he was on his way, but it seemed to take forever, I hoped I had given him the right directions. As I cupped my head in my hands I heard a tap on my passenger window. It was a highway patrol officer. He offered to help and I thanked him. He changed my tire, and while doing so proceeded to tell me what bad shape my tire was in. I had a small pipe thing stuck in my tire which is the main reason my tire went flat. Also one of the screws on my lug nut was nearly broken off. I needed to fix it all before I could go anywhere. My dad came and took me to a tire place where we found out the tire was able to be fixed and it wasn't too expensive to fix that screw. Luckily it all only came out to be $38. I was pretty happy considering everything.
But it was quite an eventful morning to say the least. 

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