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Life has been taking a turn for the busy lately. I finally, after months of searching, applying, and interviewing, received a new job. Thanks to my friend Alli Schumacher. She's an angel. I don't know if I ever mentioned it on my blog, for fear someone at work might read it, but I absolutely could not stand my old job. I loved the people there and made a lot of friends, but I could not handle the work. Anyway, it was time for a new start. Alli is leaving for Dixie in the fall and needed someone to take her place as a receptionist at a construction company called OlsenBeal, and she picked me for the job. I love my  new job. It has a mass array of post it notes, pens, three hole punch, a handy lamination machine, faxing, and not to mention my favorite part, a type writer. (Yes, I have a lap top as well, we're not stuck in the stone ages, but I absolutely love type writers.)
Hence this:

(That is from my wedding FYI)

It's your typical office job, and I enjoy it. Not to mention when I have no work to do I'm allowed to be on the internet and blog to you lovely people. 

On another happy note married life is wonderful as ever. Orange and I joined a bowling league for his work, which we attend in the ever so lovely Salt Lake County every Monday night. We have exciting family nights. Since I am at work I do not have pictures from my camera ready to post of this event that's been taking place. I do however have this one from the internet via our bowling leagues Facebook page.
It's an awful picture but you get the idea. This is our little team. We're known as the 'Goof Balls'. Clever eh? I can't take credit for the name. Sharmaine, the lady in the front on your left hand side, came up with it. We have our own shirts with our nicknames on them. I'm the furthest thing from a professional bowler, but I bet you by the end of this, I will dominate. 

Aside from all this I've currently been looking at houses. There is one in Pleasant Grove that is the most adorable structure I have ever laid my eyes upon. It has read shutters, and was built in the 1930's. I'm in love. Alas, I may not be able to own this beautiful place, but a girl can dream right? One of the two main reasons I want a house is, one so I can paint, and two so I can have a puppy. I want a puppy so bad, it's a terrible condition. 

I am aware I promised to post all about my wedding, but my photographer has lacked in the editing department, and I still have yet to receive my wedding photos after over three months. Trust me I'm a tad irked. 
Once I have received those photographs I will make sure I have given you an entire tour of my reception which I think turned out amazing. 
As always it's been a pleasure writing to all of you.

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