Opinions Opinions

I need some opinions people. I will be moving out in a little over a month, and I need to figure out a color scheme for my apartment. You see, I will most likely be going with the fiance today, to rejester for our wedding. Most likely at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Color schemes for:
  • The Kitchen
  • The Bedroom
  • Living/Family room
  • Bathroom
Would all be appreciated.

Also I believe I mentioned my entire wedding theme is just plain vintage, down to even our pictures. (See engagement post.) Does anyone have ideas for hair that would look beautiful on a wedding day, but also add to the whole vintage theme? I'll be doing some research on the matter, and most likely post some pictures to show ya'll but if you have any ideas lemme know.

You are now apart of planning a wedding. Have at it.


beka said...

i LOVE helping with stuff like this! ok so for decor in the apartment its always good to go with black because then if you want extra color you can easily add it in later without things clashing. however if you want to plan colors now then realize that you will have to stick with those colors for a while. red is good for kitchen because it causes people to be hungry (i don't know how, it just works). for the living room/ front room blue is good because it's very inviting. i wouldn't use bright colors in the front room.
as for your hair, i think something vintage is basically something simple and elegant- side french twist, regular fresh twist, a loose curly braid. i'm sure a hair stylist would also have great ideas. also google some images :)
hope this helps ya girl!

Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

I have always, ALWAYS wanted to have my kitchen be black, white, and red. I think it's so cute and I dream of someday buying a red Kitchen Aid to put in my kitchen :)

The Mowers said...

I agree with Sharon. When Matt and I first got married, our kitchen was black, white and red. I love love love those colors in kitchens!!!