May 6th on the brain...

Planning a wedding is a lot more stressful than you can imagine, but in the end it's all worth it right?
I already have my dress. It's gorgeous, and vintage. I love it.
My whole wedding theme is vintage. My colors are red, black, and white. I have so many great ideas for this. I have been using magazines and the bride blog for inspiration.
We're taking engagement photos tomorrow. I'm sure they're going to turn out fantastic. Our photographer is great.
Once the engagements are done I will be sending out invites. If you want one you should send me your address. I'd love for any of my fellow blog stalkers to come.
Only two more months. Ahhhh. I hope that I can get everything done.
Apartment hunting, job hunting, getting everything done on time.... It's all crazy!
I can't believe I'm really old enough for all this. Growing up hit me all of a sudden.


beka said...

ashlee! i want to see your dress! can i come over sometime when i am home and see it? because, you see, i am leaving for africa 2 days before you are to be wed and so i will not be able to be there to see your beauty and share in your happiness. i am thrilled beyond belief for you!

Batash said...

I would love for you to come see it once it's done! I'll let you know when it is:) Thanks so much Beka!