Your fears

Ok, so I admit I may have the weirdest phobias on earth, but here we go.
I'm terrified of mirrors in dark rooms. I've done a lot better in the past four years with it, but ever since I was a child I couldn't handle it. There's a reason for it, really. When I was five or so, my neighbor thought it would be funny to tell me about bloody mary and then duct tape the light switch in his bathroom and lock me in. I was pretty traumatized by it.
I also have a fear of balloons. I swear they were created by the devil. They make loud scary popping noises, float around by themselves like a creeper, and if you got it somewhere near your mouth you could suffocate. Yeah I dislike balloons with a passion. The only thing they're good for is sucking helium out. I do enjoy that.
I am scared of moths. Actually just about any insect, but moths are the worst. They also were created by the devil.
I used to have a fear of growing old alone.

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