Something You Regret

I try not to regret things in  my life. I believe that everything that happened in your past, good or bad, was meant to happen, and helps you to learn and become a stronger person. I do however, wish I had been smart and made different decisions, but like I said, they became real learning experiences. These are some things in my life I wish I had done differently.
  • Not being smart about school, and striving to learn and do well. I didn't attempt to do this until my senior year, and I really wish I would've done better. I know now that I can do better and that it is possible.
  • Not being nicer to my little brother...
  • Junior year putting a social life before family. I learned a hard lesson, but now I know how important my family is.
  • Wasting any second of my life being up set for stupid reasons.
  • Being nice to people. I try my hardest to be nice, and strive for it every day, but I've definitely made some mistakes with a few people.
  • Wasting my time with dumb boys who weren't worth it.

Even as I wrote those down, I realized I learned something important from each and everyone one of these things. I wouldn't trade them or take them back, because if I hadn't made mistakes I wouldn't know how to fix them or make them right. I wouldn't know how important some of those things were to me.

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