Your First Kiss

Oh dear. Writing about this could get me in all sorts of trouble, but here it goes.
I was 14 and completely naive. This particular boy, and I, had been "going out" for about 4 months, and no kissing had occurred. I was completely terrified of kissing boys (as I should have been), but since this boy had already had his fair share of kissing it was inevitable. We started talking about it all the time, and soon I thought I was ready. Since I was only fourteen I always had a friend accompanying me and this boy at all times, so that it couldn't be considered a "date." Feel free to laugh.
Anyway, it was a cold November night, and snow was falling slowly to the ground. Said boy and I were outside on my basketball court talking, when the friend who got the lucky duty of being with us this time, said she had to go inside. Boy took that as a cue to go in for the kill.
"Ashlee...", he says walking toward me. He gets closer, and closer. I'm screaming inside. Just as our lips are about to meet, the friend comes bouncing back outside "Did I miss anything?" she said excitedly. Boy was not happy. I found it to be hilarious, and couldn't stop laughing.
Now, if that had ended up being said boy and my first kiss I think it would've been 1,000 times better than when it did happen.
A week later we had invited two friends over and were playing games in my living room. The game in which we were playing was called have you ever. Now I don't feel like giving full details on the game because that is entirely pointless, but we'll skip that and just say it was played with water. In the middle of the game one friend said to the other "I'm going to get more water, come with me."
I immediately knew something was up. Boy was sitting across the room from me. (Yeah, we were a great couple...) After some small talk, he moved over to the chair I was sitting on and sat on the arm rest. It immediately became awkward. I knew he was going to kiss me, and I started freaking out. I avoided eye contact at all cost. He still was continuing the small talk, but it was the most uncomfortable experience. I'm pretty sure I was sweating bullets. Finally after a long period of silence he says,
"Ashlee, I'm sorry for the other night."
Knowing exactly what he was talking about I replied, "It's ok."
"Would you like to try again?" he replied.
I should've known right then it wouldn't go well. What kind of line is that?
I nodded my head and he went in for the kiss. Since it was my first kiss I didn't know how things worked. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do something or, wait for him to do something. I'm pretty sure we sat there for a good minute. Finally I got nervous and backed away. My line after backing away?
"Was that your first time?" he said smiling.
He knew it was my first time. After the kiss we sat there in complete silence for about ten minutes. I texted my friends to come back in desperately, and they said "no not until you guys kiss!"
I knew they were apart of the whole thing.
Apparently they had a code for him to go in for the kill, which just happened to be a bird crow.
Trust me it was the most ridiculous moment of my life.

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