The siblings Day 11

Andrew (16)

I know I know he is quite the handsome fellow. Andrew & I were good friends when we were little. We played wars with our feet, and had a brother and sister day in which we brought each other presents from our room. Then we got older and all we did was fight. We've recently became better, and have started to understand one another. He made me a friggin' awesome purse one time too. He's a stud. I give ya'll permission to date him.

Kelsey (12)

She is probably the cutest person on planet earth. She is so adorable and so thoughtful. She is always thinking of others. She is the sweetest girl I know. We always have so much fun together and just talk and joke around. She also dances like an angel and it makes me a bit jealous. I love her to death.

Jacob (7 almost 8)

I am currently writing a book on the things this child says. He cracks me up erry' single day. He is so cute, and although unwillingly sometimes, lets me hug and give him kisses. Someday he probably won't. He is one of my best little friends, and always will be. He is so excited to get baptised soon, and gives the absolute best prayers. They usually end up ten minutes long, and about indians fighting the people. How can it get better than that? Love ya little bro.

I love all of my siblings, they are so awesome and I wouldn't ask for anyone else.

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