Day 8 a moment

That moment. That moment when suddenly everything in your life makes sense. That moment when your eyes connect for the first time, and you get the chills. That moment when the first touch sends an electric shock through your entire body. That moment when you realize you love someone. That moment when your lips touch and something inside you changes, and you get a feeling that you've never felt before, and you almost want to laugh and cry, because you know that it's real.
And your heart feels like it could explode because it is so full, and you can't see anything but that person. That moment that makes your head spin and your knees shake. That moment when you can't help but just smile, because you've really never been so happy, and know how lucky you are to have finally found that happiness. That moment when you realize your life is going to change because now life is about you and that person, and you're ready to take on any challenge, any trial, any fear, because you now have the one person who makes you strong. That moment when you've knelt down in prayer, and asked the Father for confirmation, and you recieve it. Because in that moment you realize you've found something some people pray for daily. You've found something that can't be replaced. You've found somone who makes life worth living. You've found someone who makes you want to be better, and do better. You've found someone, who is now completely a part of you.
Live for that moment. It takes patience and time, but you'll know when you find it. Don't go searching for it, but be accepting when it happens, because in that moment your life will change forever.

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