"Till We Meet Again."

I know I've mentioned before that I have the most amazing guy friends on planet earth. They have changed my life in ways you cannot imagine. I know they would do anything for me. Currently they are all serving or are about to serve a mission. Dear Elder Browne left last week, and Dougolas will be leaving this week. It's hard knowing I won't be able to see either of them for two years. I won't be getting spontaneous trips to my house any more where they bring me milk shakes, and talk to me in the back of truck beds for hours. I won't be kidnapped forcefully and taken out of my house. I won't have Lord of The Rings parties and be fed cheese. I won't be used as their example for showing Boyer how to treat ladies. I will no longer listen to their battle of who is going to marry me first, or have cuddle parties anymore. I won't have "girl talk" over fake margaritas anymore either.
But that doesn't even matter, because what they will be doing is even more extraordinary, and wonderful. I am so proud of each and everyone of my boys who is or will be serving their missions. They all are the best "bros" I could ever have and I'm so thankful to have them in my life, and as my best friends. They will all my wonderful missionaries, and I'm excited to hear about all the lives they are going to change and bless through the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are such great examples to me, and I will miss them all so much.
Here are some pictures of our last escapades as a group of friends.

Till we meet again brothers I know you will do amazing!!!
(Don't forget to congratulate Boyer on his mission call to Korea! Zach will be getting his very soon!)

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