My Life Be Like...

I enjoy nights like last night where I go to a dollar movie with one of my best guy friends, and we're the only ones in the theater, with no intention whatsoever to get... close, or consider it a date. I also enjoy venturing with that same guy friend to anothers house, where they get in arguments on who will marry me first. One has vowed for the sake of us not becoming cat people, if we are not married by the time we're thirty we will marry each other. The other, I believe was just fighting to take the cake. Who knows? They made pretty valid arguments though.
To boy numero 1: If you want to win this fight, we are not getting matching wedding bands.
To boy numero 2: There is nothing wrong with puppies!
To end the night we watched one of my all time favorite movies: Lion King. The best. After which we drove home in a blizzard. Awesome.
(I dislike snow, but we're not talking about this because I made an unbreakable vow to try and appreciate it.)

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