Halloween partayyy.

I'm sure many of you have contemplated on what to be for halloween this year; looked up costume ideas, went to stores for inspiration. But me? I've known for a long while what I was going to be. Let's talk about facing your demons. You may have heard me mention her. She has taunted me throughout two years of high school. Not only that, but she is wicked awesome in the movies. I decided it was time to see what it was like to be her. Bellatrix Lestrange.
After casting a few unforgivable curses, and dying my hair a very dark shade, I felt quite in character. Not to mention... I was branded.
I'm a death eater. (under cover of course)

Introducing: Luna, Trelawny, and of course, Bellatrix.

It's ok we're the most random characters from HP.
Greatly anticipating the opening of the 7th movie.
(where I will also be arriving as Bellatrix.)


Rachey Smart said...

LOVE LOVE your costumes! You look great. I want to be Ron at the premiere:D

Kelsey said...

best ever. you guys look soo good!