Another shout out to those valiant men I call my friends.

I like when my guy friends kidnap me, and we go stalking. I like when the car alarm goes off while we're stalking. I like when they get me shakes from Del Taco, or In and Out to make me feel better. I like when we watch childish movies like Quest For Camelot, because we're that cool. (Which by the way is a great movie still.) I like when we stay up late listening and laughing to Brian Regan.
Once again my guy friends are the best. No matter what, if I am having a bad day, they come to the rescue. I love them. Yesterday was a pretty good day.


Rachey Smart said...

Everyone should have a good guy friend! I swear most of my friends in High School and even now are guys. Waaay less drama in my experiences!

Batash said...

Oh I agree. They are wonderful, and a thousand times less drama!