I see a door, and I'm starting to feel nauseas.

I'm an awkward type of person. I say awkward things, do awkward things, and I'm pretty sure I make people uncomfortable a lot of the time. This could very well be the reason why I'm lacking in the men department. So on the very rare occassion that I get asked on a date, I tend to get extremely nervous. No matter who the date is, I plot out all the possibilities and torment my poor brain, up until they arrive at my doorstep. This is a part I hate the most. The retrieving. You open the door, and stand awkwardly facing them, saying hello. They stand there too, not entirely knowing what to say, or when to say, "Lets go." So it's just all sorts of uncomfortable. The date of course either goes extremely well, or terribly wrong, but none of that matters because you still have to come back to the door. That wretched door step will be the death of me, I promise you this. The end of the night door step scene is a classic, obviously. The night would not be complete without it. It's how you handle the doorstep scene that makes the difference.
If you happen to have a pair of keys with you, do you play with them to get them to kiss you? (only if they are kissable of course) and what do you say at that extremely awkward moment when you're spewing out words like, "I had a great time," "You're an awesome date," "Lets do this again soon." And of course since were in Utah and rarely believe in kissing people we haven't dated for months, there is the hug. The hug can either go extremely well, depending on what kind of hugger he is, or awful depending on if he even decides to give you one. I believe the hug to be essential. I may not do it all the time, like some girls, but I am a hugger. Everyone needs hugs. They just do. If the boy does accept the hug invite that you throw at them with open arms, they can either be "teddy bear material" or "stiff as a board." Stiff ones... not my favorite. Then you part ways awkwardly, in my case getting in the house quickly and closing the door behind me. I'm now in the safe abode of my home, to think about how the night went.
Last night was quite fun, I'll admit. I made shoes out of ductape, went bowling in black lights and neon colors, watched little people dance at Highland days, played a game of horse with a soccer ball, and had an all around good time. The door step scene however, ended quite differently than I have ever had it happen before. As he pulled up to my house in the convertible BMW named Beatrice, we were in the middle of an intense conversation, which obviously could not be thwarted by walking me to the door. So as we walked we talked, we reached the door, and continued talking. Though the conversation was running smoothly, in the back of my mind I was still of course sweating the door step scene. I knew once the conversation ended it would become that strange awkward moment, that I am still not fully aware of how to handle. But the conversation continued, after about thirty minutes of conversation, he asked if I would like to sit down on the lawn since we had been standing a while, and so we did. We chatted till late hours in the night, discussing random, and embarassing stories, and watching lightning flash across the sky. By two thirty I thanked him for the date, we were on the lawn so it did not count as a door step scene, thank goodness, and he left. I would have to say conversations on your front lawn are a much better way to end a date, than that taunting door step. I'm just sayin. (Diana you know the voice I'm thinking of when I say that)


-Kait- said...

i like this. a lot.

Kelsey said...

ashlee, you deserve this. probably you should drop the boys name. i'd like to stalk this boys picture probably.

Batash said...

Oh, his names Jon Browne, probably you know him. He's my good friend.

kristen said...

Well I'm super SUPER awkward &you always make me comfortable so I'd say you do fine. :]