Chalk, dum dums, and post its. What everyone needs.

Well what can I say? Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. & I wasn't quite sure how I would recover. But three little miracles appeared today, and helped cheer me up. I never knew chalk, post it notes, and dum dums could cheer someone up so much.
dum dum's in the shape of a smile? This is happy.

Mystery boy?  hmmm
Defeating Bellatrix is a must, I wish you good luck.
Obviously I was too excited to get everything in the picture
Post its:)
& I like you.
That's the best compliment anyone could ever get.
Has yet to be named. I will inform you when that time comes
The quotes I really needed.

I know who you are, & I hope you are fully aware that I intend to return the favor. You're angels truly. Thanks for making my day have some sunshine in it.

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beka said...

i got a post it letter yesterday too. made my day. aren't nice people just so awesome?