Time to spill

Hello blogging world. I have come to visit you again. I'm sorry I haven't been very good lately. So busy. But I am now free to blog at will, with this beautiful cherry red lap top I recieved for graduation as you can see here:

There is the beaute herself. With quite the story to go with it. Lets just say I got hit on at best buy while recieving this lap top by a worker there. He seemed nice, managed to get my number, but turned out to be kind of a creeper. Oh well it was funny while it lasted!

I must say this last week has really been one of the most fabulous of my life. I can actually say im really happy. I haven't been able to say that for a while and mean it. Even the things that would normally bug me aren't getting me down. Graduating has been such a fun and exciting new experience. I really feel so accomplished, and I sure didn't mind the gifts that came with it.
Grandparents decided I needed a new car. I full heartedly agreed with them. Especially since The batmobile otherwise known as Steve was dying of terminal cancer.
I haven't named the new beauty yet. Anyone have ideas?

I can't explain how greatful I was for this gift. Honestly it was a total surprise and such a sweet gesture. My grandpa told me it was because of how good a kid I was and how proud they were of me. I could catch a hint of fresh tears coming on.  I really like making people proud of me, it is the best feeling in the world.
I know as you read this you are probably thinking wow she got spoiled. What I have to say to that is, yes I did. Sorry :) You only graduate once and my family decided to make the most of it. Sue me.
I have come to appreciate my friends and family so much this week. It's really put me in a genuinely good mood. Thank you everyone who has made me who I am today. I love you.
Here is some pics of my lovely last days

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