A Life Without Failure Would Be No Life At All

That's it! I've had it.
Why? Well, let us see here. I am no test taker that is for sure. It seems that without having studied hours on end I cannot produce a high scoring test. I scratch my brain and think "Am I really that stupid?" I'm not quite sure. All I know is I'm going have to work a heck of a lot harder the next time around on this horrid test you might know as the ACT. Hypothetically speaking, I didn't truly have to take it.
I'll admit I have been worrying about college a little more than necessary considering where I'm going. I'm planning on attending UVU in the fall of next year. (This thought truly has my stomach turning into twisted knots everytime I think about it.) I will be working to become a nurse. My dream would be to work in the ER. Somewhere where I am in on the action, and helping save lives. Can you only imagine? I can be an everyday hero! Without wearing a cape or a mask. (batman I still think you are the most dashing man on planet earth)
I'm attending UVU because they have the best nursing program in the nation. Or so they say. Hey I'm not one to judge. I am putting forth every fiber of my being this year in becoming an exemplary student so that I have a greater chance at being in this wonderful program. I even got a 4.0 this last semester, which honestly has never happened before. I am not one to brag, but this is really a big deal for me.
So to get devestating news about the ACT, really brought down my spirits. In truth I had expected the score from the beginning. I walked around saying that was the score I was going to get. I guess I did this so i wouldn't get my hopes up, but karma came back around to bight me.
I guess as the old expression goes 'try try again' right? Right. Or at least I'd like to think so. I really need to remain positive. That's one of the things sure to get you far in life, or at least keep you happy. And happy is good correct? I think so.
Well, thats all folks.

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