Dealing With Criticism In The Church

It amazes me to see how often our church gets criticized. i didn't even understand how bad it was, until i read a discussion on YouTube about church videos. I guess living here in Pleasant Grove Utah i am a bit sheltered. Even though people may criticize we should never take offense. It is their choice to lash out on us the way they want to about our beliefs. "Let God Judge between me and thee and reward thee according to thy deeds." If we truly stand for what we believe in we will love everyone no matter what... because that is exactly what Christ would do. We should always aim to be more and more Christ-like everyday. I am learning so much right now, i know that i can do better, and i am definitely not perfect, but i do believe in Christ with all my heart and soul, and I believe in our religion. Without it I would not be who I am today. It gives me so much comfort to know that i was loved enough for someone to die for my sake. That is why I am going to try my best to live as my Father in Heaven would want me to. My life is so much happier and peaceful knowing that I have a place and a reason in this life, and i have a purpose that i need to fulfill. And the greatest thing that really amazes me is that families can be together forever! you will always have your family there with you, and that is completely amazing. A happily ever after... that is why i value marriage so highly in the temple. It is a truly beautiful thing, that helps bring families to the celestial kingdom... and stay together FOREVER. There is no love greater than that which lasts forever. I am going to strive to live everyday as best i can so that i can remain temple worthy so that i can go there when i am old enough, and receive all of the blessings from it!

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