Getting over it!

So God really does work in mysterious ways...

That is exactly the reason why I am so happy right now cause I figured stuff out.

Okay heres the story,

For Christmas I got this book by an LDS author called A Modest Proposal and I have been reading it all Christmas break. I got to a part in the book where the girl talks about meeting up with her best guy friend in highschool after so many years and they finally get together and they kiss, and after that she says wow I'm glad we didn't do that in high school you would have been a real distraction for me...

and that is when I realized... that's exactly what he was... a distraction! He was distracting me from the things I need to be focusing on in my life right now. I mean it's just high school ! I need to be focusing on having fun and school! Stuff like that... and he needs to be focusing on school and going on a mission. When you're a teen you don't need to be thinking about marraige and all that other stuff... you should just live life to the fullest because you aren't ever going to get high school back again.

I had to learn this lesson the hard way... because I was focused SO much on the things that aren't important right now... and that's lame. I totally get why we shouldn't be single dating in high school now! Just have fun ! Go on dates with good righteous boys who you will have fun with and they will respect you and your standards. Make good friends! That's what it's about! You shouldn't be looking for happiness through a person... you need to find happiness yourself! I have so much to look forward to, but for now I am going to live in the now and have a blast!

I am so blessed me and him are still such good friends! That usually doesn't happen... and he has been such a great blessing to me in my life right now! Especially for what he did! I am so thankful he did that or else i never would have seen! Because I was so blind!

So thankyou! You are awesome!

I hope none of you have to experience broken heart syndrome... even though you probably will.... it happens to everyone so don't get down on yourself .... it's only high school!

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